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FOX Attempts to Defend Sexual Content on Show

From the silver screen to the airwaves, studios and entertainment companies continue to push indecent material to viewers. Today’s news reports FOX’s unwillingness to pay a $91,000 FCC fine for indecent exposure during a 2003 episode of “Married to America”.

This from a network that loves to tout it’s conservative or traditional bias…

3 Responses to “FOX Attempts to Defend Sexual Content on Show”

  1. Joshua Ligairi Says:

    I have got to get ahold of the moderator of this blog and website! You seem to be the only person in the world that knows more about edited movies than myself and the co-director of the documentary I am working on. We have been in production on a feature-length documentary for two years. We are nearing the end of our journey as we prepare for Sundance Film Festival submissions in September. Your knowledge of edited movies would make you an extremely helpful interview for our documentary. If you are willing and able, we would love to talk with you on film briefly on camera. Even if you are not available for an interview, I hope you will email me as I have a few questions for you regarding Clean Flicks-related television spots like the one with Glen Beck that you posted awhile back.

  2. Laura Says:

    How typical of the entertainment industry. I think they should pay the fine and more! The content and amount of indecent and disgusting material on TV in general is enough to curl your hair. I am sick to death of the material that they show on TV–it is increasingly harder and harder to find anything decent to watch. I rarely watch TV anymore because of the lack of anything TO watch! When are some producers or big-whigs going to get a clue and show some channels that are actually good!

  3. Gary Says:

    As a small family operated film company I salute you for continuing to fight for clean family friendly shows. It is very hard to find something that the whole family can sit and watch without having to duck and cover. We don’t watch TV either and are very select when we watch any new movies, we basically stick with the oldies.
    We produced our first documentary last year and have had great reviews which is so encouraging as we will be looking to do much more in the future.

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